x_lu_lu_x (x_lu_lu_x) wrote,


So this weekend was fun, had a good time. We left friday night and got to reno at aroun11 and checked in and crashed out. had our first game of the softball tournament at 8 and won 18-17, very close game! came back from 11 to 0 and won!! we then lost our next 2 games and were done by about 330 so we went and hung out at the hotel and then went to dinner at bennihannahs (kind fo like tori's here in modesto). our chef was great and hilarous but i had a bad migraine so was constantly throwing up every 30 mins. so i passed out around 10 and then sunday we hung out for a bit and got home around 5 so here i am. reno was fun, would love to go back and do more softball tournaments too!! was going to go to a tittie bar with the lesbians from my team (sandra i love lesbians!!!) but i wasnt feeling good so i didnt make it :(
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