x_lu_lu_x (x_lu_lu_x) wrote,

ok so whats new

Well here is a quick update on me, myself and I. Im in sonora right now boreddddddd!! I have been here since 830 this morning and i have an appointment in about an hour (5 o clock) so its gonna be like a 12 hour day because i still have over an hour drive back and i still have to stop by the office in modesto. Im in the office here in sonora, luckily we have the internet so have something to do. all we have here is a table with the computer and a fax machine in this apartment, sucks, no tv, nothing! So i cant wait to get back into town and relax. I dont think im coming back up tomorrow, i really dont want to waste the gas to come up. I had lunch today with one of the guys from work, hes awesome, and free lunch, cant complain! :) So yeah work is going good, but options i will keep open still. Softball is going good, cant wait for the tournament this weekend in Reno, gonna be fun!! So things are good, things are the same, i miss my homies, i dont miss other people :) I need to work out and get into shape badly!! ok thanks for last night girlies, had a blast and i really miss you guys, need to do it again soon!!
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