x_lu_lu_x (x_lu_lu_x) wrote,

oh man oh man

I am one tired girl. I just got back from sacramento, for good :) My boss gave me the rest of the day off so thats cool. We had our graduation ceremony this morning and got our business cards, yay! We started the class with 11 and ended with 6 so thats pretty crazy. Im very very tired, its been a long 2 weeks. Wednesday night i had a free night so me, jose, miro and alisa (came to visit me for the night) went to watch the comedian liza lampanelli (i think thats how u spell it) at the punchline and she was hilarious!!!! oh man that was the most racist, derogatory, show i have ever seen and it was soo funny too. ok im tired, i will be back sometime
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