x_lu_lu_x (x_lu_lu_x) wrote,

Training day!

Well im leaving tomorrow for sacramento for the week and then i return on friday and then i have to leave again on sunday. busy busy busy :) i went shopping today for some extra clothes, so i got 4 new shirts at macys and then i got 2 pairs of pants at express because all the clothes i wear for training and for the job require professional attire so i needed some more dress clothes. i looked up the hotel online and it says im having a full kitchen, awesome huh well my new car is doing great, i just love it to peaches :) once i get my credit cards paid off then im going to start pimping up my car, yay baby well i wish everyone is doing well and have a great week and i will try to update again on the weekend when i return, but no guarantees, see you all soon!!!!
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