x_lu_lu_x (x_lu_lu_x) wrote,

where have i been?

man its been forever since i have been on here. life has just been crazy i tell you. Work is going really good. Everyone in my office is awesome and i have no complaints about them. We just finished up out turlock phone book yesterday and then monday we start working on sonora so not looking forward to driving there all the time but oh well, such is work. Ive had i think about 11 sales in the 2 weeks i have been working on the field so im pretty happy about that.
It feels real nice not to have to go to school anytime soon. none of that pressure really lets me just relax a little.
I dont really do much other than work. I dont talk to anyone all that much, i feel bad but i just need to get more settled with this new job and be able to hang out with more people like i should. i swear im not ignoring you tin tin or sand ball, we will hang out soon!! i miss you guys a lot!!! i need girl time :)
So my sister is in town for the night so im gonna have some family time today.
Last weekend i went down to LA and had a good time, damn huge mall down there!!!
i think i might go again to LA for labor day weekend and to rosarita and ensenada too so we will see how that goes :)
hope everyone is doing good.
everything is really good, things with jose are going good as well.
i got my hair done so now im BLONDE!! i have blonde highlights, craziness, but i love it!!
ok well im off, talk to you all soon
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