x_lu_lu_x (x_lu_lu_x) wrote,

I love my job!

So i know i have been a stranger, its been crazy. Getting settled into the new job has been exhausting. Im finishing up my first week at the new job today. Ive spent all week pretty much in the office getting settled (i have my own cubicle!!) and making appointments and calling people etc. I went out with 2 girls from the office weds to lunch at red robin then yesterday i went out with another lady all day so things have been cool. Today was my first day out working ( the rest of the week i pretty much got paid twice my salary) so i had 2 appointments this morning, walked in and met with someone else and sold 2 accounts!! even though they were small it was still cool to sell on my first day out :) So this is how my day is. I had the usual morning meeting at the office at 8 then i worked on some stuff and then headed out for my appointments. so that ended around 1130. now im at my parents bullshitting before i run some non-work-related errands haha i need to check back in to the office later (around 5 ish) to fax something and then thats my day pretty much. So i can do whatever i want (as long as i get the job done, some appointments i mean) and get paid my full salary, LOVE IT!
So anyways, went to the fair yesterday night. IT was me, alisa, her boyfriend and his friend. It was pretty cool, had a good time. Had my first alcoholic drink in 2 MONTHS!!! Crazyness i tell you :) Things with jose are going well. I love having weekends off, its so great for once! ok i have to go run some errands and then go back to work hehe miss you all! sorry i have been a stranger :(
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