x_lu_lu_x (x_lu_lu_x) wrote,

I'm back....but i'm leaving again

So i am one exhausted fool. This training week was horrendous, very draining and tiring but its ok, im still alive. :) I got up there on sunday night and checking into the hotel. what a lovely hotel it is! its called the residence inn and my room is pretty much a studio apartment, with a full kitchen and everything! We started class on monday (business attire all the time so its kind of fun playing dress up) and pretty much all weeks i had 10-13 hour days, including class and homework to be done outside of class. I stayed at the office till 11 twice during the week finishing up my homework. We started with 11 of us but one dropped (not sure why) but thats normal as i was told by some people who work at the modesto office. They said it was normal to lose people during training because it is too much for them (very understandable). Its cool, i dont have to pay for the hotel, they pay me 21 dollars a day for food (got the check on friday woo hoo!) so all i have to pay is my gas (i used half a tank driving up there, being up there, and driving home because my car is great on gas!). so yeah it was a looooonnnggg week but we will see if this one is better. I came back friday night )exhausted) went to jose's softball game then pretty much passed out. Yesterday me and jose went to monterey and we had a blast out there :) Didnt get out of bed till 230 today!!! catching up on sleep i tell u :) alright well time to leave my parents house, pick up my things at jose's and roll on out to sacramento. have a great week everyone and hope to see u all soon!!!! :)
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