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My mood swings are ANNOYING! Yeah ive been smoking the past 3 days because ive been moody, not good, but it will pass soon and its probably also due to the fact that i dont drink anymore either, so who knows. I went in this morning to take the drug test for my new job, not worried about it then tmw i work at mci then have to go to my new job to take care of things. I start training on the 18th for 2 weeks in sacramento so im kinda sad about being up there by myself without anyone :( but it will be a good experience and maybe the time away i need to relax and think about things. im excited about camping this weekend. it will be nice to get some time away and have the weekend off with no worries then its my birthday!! yay for me being 23!! things with jose are going good, im an annoying face but oh well what can u do? i had to come home today to pick up some stuff for camping and its the first time ive been here since sunday haha i really really want to buy rob's car but some lady might have bought it already today so im PISSED cause i was gonna go to the bank today to get a loan because i NEED a new car BADLY!! ok time to take care of things, hope all is well with everyone :)
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