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[09 Sep 2006|10:51am]
SO woo hoo after feeling like a fat cow i have lost 7.2 pounds in 2 weeks on weight watchers (could have been more but i cheated this last weekend when we went camping). Its on now!!

So its been weird not working for 2 months but i got my CBEST results so i can sub now so i shall start applying.

I can apply to the credential program now.
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[03 May 2006|03:19pm]
what went wrong
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Hiding [13 Mar 2006|11:34am]
I feel like i have been in hiding but not really. It's just been a crazy year i guess. The year started off good but then i came down with bronchitis and then my grandmother past away, and then one of my bestest friends Jennifer got in a really bad car accident and has been in the ICU now for 3 weeks and it making short progress. She is set to get married in June (me as maid of honor YAY) but not sure what the plan is now. She's is still with us so thats the important thing because we all came so close to losing her. So here i am trying to live life, and ease my way back into the lives of those who mean the most to me, so i just say baby steps is all it takes...
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yay new job!!! [09 Nov 2005|12:11pm]
Yay for me i got a new job!!! Im starting on monday and im going to be working for Chicago Title. The office is on standiford and carver (like 5 minutes from jose's yes) so im very excited! Ill update more about it soon, its 8-5 mon through fri!!
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[29 Oct 2005|05:07pm]
First of all im am sooo happy for my sandy bear and her happiness with her woman!! Tin tin is looking to the bright of things and that makes me happy too :)

Ive been doing good. Work has been a bitch lately. This has been "hell week" as we like to call it. I was in sonora mon-weds from 830-5 plus over an hour driving each way and then i had softball games at 630 all week too so it was an exhausting week but i had some good sales so i made some good money too :) I was there thursday from 830-5 but i didnt have a game so that day was more kick back. We are only going to be in sonora until tuesday then we start the west siiiidee :) (gustine, newman patterson etc) haha but its going ok for now, im still looking for something else. been hanging out with the guys from work a lot, theyre hella cool and funny.

last satuday we went to an octoberfest party. it was loads of fun. everyone was assigned a different country and had to bring beer from that country and then everyone just tasted all the beer and there was good food too :) i dont like beer so i just had 2 shots of tequila and some mary jane wink wink so i was feeling good too!

i miss my girlies and we need to hang out soon for sure!!
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[10 Oct 2005|12:43pm]
im doing good, im doing really good. work is going well, but i am still looking for something better, but i guess its good for now. me and jose are doing good, going strong.

christina, even though i may not call you or text you all the time i do think about you and our friendship and i value you. i hope everything is going good for you and i know your strong and will be ok. i love you and hope you can be comfortable with yourself.

sandra, your a great person and no matter what anyone thinks its true. i hope that your family will be able to accept you for being a great person and not judge your character on your choices. i love you and hope we can hang out soon!!

i miss my friends
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RENO! [19 Sep 2005|03:54pm]
So this weekend was fun, had a good time. We left friday night and got to reno at aroun11 and checked in and crashed out. had our first game of the softball tournament at 8 and won 18-17, very close game! came back from 11 to 0 and won!! we then lost our next 2 games and were done by about 330 so we went and hung out at the hotel and then went to dinner at bennihannahs (kind fo like tori's here in modesto). our chef was great and hilarous but i had a bad migraine so was constantly throwing up every 30 mins. so i passed out around 10 and then sunday we hung out for a bit and got home around 5 so here i am. reno was fun, would love to go back and do more softball tournaments too!! was going to go to a tittie bar with the lesbians from my team (sandra i love lesbians!!!) but i wasnt feeling good so i didnt make it :(
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ok so whats new [14 Sep 2005|04:15pm]
Well here is a quick update on me, myself and I. Im in sonora right now boreddddddd!! I have been here since 830 this morning and i have an appointment in about an hour (5 o clock) so its gonna be like a 12 hour day because i still have over an hour drive back and i still have to stop by the office in modesto. Im in the office here in sonora, luckily we have the internet so have something to do. all we have here is a table with the computer and a fax machine in this apartment, sucks, no tv, nothing! So i cant wait to get back into town and relax. I dont think im coming back up tomorrow, i really dont want to waste the gas to come up. I had lunch today with one of the guys from work, hes awesome, and free lunch, cant complain! :) So yeah work is going good, but options i will keep open still. Softball is going good, cant wait for the tournament this weekend in Reno, gonna be fun!! So things are good, things are the same, i miss my homies, i dont miss other people :) I need to work out and get into shape badly!! ok thanks for last night girlies, had a blast and i really miss you guys, need to do it again soon!!
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where have i been? [20 Aug 2005|05:49pm]
man its been forever since i have been on here. life has just been crazy i tell you. Work is going really good. Everyone in my office is awesome and i have no complaints about them. We just finished up out turlock phone book yesterday and then monday we start working on sonora so not looking forward to driving there all the time but oh well, such is work. Ive had i think about 11 sales in the 2 weeks i have been working on the field so im pretty happy about that.
It feels real nice not to have to go to school anytime soon. none of that pressure really lets me just relax a little.
I dont really do much other than work. I dont talk to anyone all that much, i feel bad but i just need to get more settled with this new job and be able to hang out with more people like i should. i swear im not ignoring you tin tin or sand ball, we will hang out soon!! i miss you guys a lot!!! i need girl time :)
So my sister is in town for the night so im gonna have some family time today.
Last weekend i went down to LA and had a good time, damn huge mall down there!!!
i think i might go again to LA for labor day weekend and to rosarita and ensenada too so we will see how that goes :)
hope everyone is doing good.
everything is really good, things with jose are going good as well.
i got my hair done so now im BLONDE!! i have blonde highlights, craziness, but i love it!!
ok well im off, talk to you all soon
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I love my job! [05 Aug 2005|12:18pm]
So i know i have been a stranger, its been crazy. Getting settled into the new job has been exhausting. Im finishing up my first week at the new job today. Ive spent all week pretty much in the office getting settled (i have my own cubicle!!) and making appointments and calling people etc. I went out with 2 girls from the office weds to lunch at red robin then yesterday i went out with another lady all day so things have been cool. Today was my first day out working ( the rest of the week i pretty much got paid twice my salary) so i had 2 appointments this morning, walked in and met with someone else and sold 2 accounts!! even though they were small it was still cool to sell on my first day out :) So this is how my day is. I had the usual morning meeting at the office at 8 then i worked on some stuff and then headed out for my appointments. so that ended around 1130. now im at my parents bullshitting before i run some non-work-related errands haha i need to check back in to the office later (around 5 ish) to fax something and then thats my day pretty much. So i can do whatever i want (as long as i get the job done, some appointments i mean) and get paid my full salary, LOVE IT!
So anyways, went to the fair yesterday night. IT was me, alisa, her boyfriend and his friend. It was pretty cool, had a good time. Had my first alcoholic drink in 2 MONTHS!!! Crazyness i tell you :) Things with jose are going well. I love having weekends off, its so great for once! ok i have to go run some errands and then go back to work hehe miss you all! sorry i have been a stranger :(
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oh man oh man [29 Jul 2005|02:27pm]
I am one tired girl. I just got back from sacramento, for good :) My boss gave me the rest of the day off so thats cool. We had our graduation ceremony this morning and got our business cards, yay! We started the class with 11 and ended with 6 so thats pretty crazy. Im very very tired, its been a long 2 weeks. Wednesday night i had a free night so me, jose, miro and alisa (came to visit me for the night) went to watch the comedian liza lampanelli (i think thats how u spell it) at the punchline and she was hilarious!!!! oh man that was the most racist, derogatory, show i have ever seen and it was soo funny too. ok im tired, i will be back sometime
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I'm back....but i'm leaving again [24 Jul 2005|06:29pm]
So i am one exhausted fool. This training week was horrendous, very draining and tiring but its ok, im still alive. :) I got up there on sunday night and checking into the hotel. what a lovely hotel it is! its called the residence inn and my room is pretty much a studio apartment, with a full kitchen and everything! We started class on monday (business attire all the time so its kind of fun playing dress up) and pretty much all weeks i had 10-13 hour days, including class and homework to be done outside of class. I stayed at the office till 11 twice during the week finishing up my homework. We started with 11 of us but one dropped (not sure why) but thats normal as i was told by some people who work at the modesto office. They said it was normal to lose people during training because it is too much for them (very understandable). Its cool, i dont have to pay for the hotel, they pay me 21 dollars a day for food (got the check on friday woo hoo!) so all i have to pay is my gas (i used half a tank driving up there, being up there, and driving home because my car is great on gas!). so yeah it was a looooonnnggg week but we will see if this one is better. I came back friday night )exhausted) went to jose's softball game then pretty much passed out. Yesterday me and jose went to monterey and we had a blast out there :) Didnt get out of bed till 230 today!!! catching up on sleep i tell u :) alright well time to leave my parents house, pick up my things at jose's and roll on out to sacramento. have a great week everyone and hope to see u all soon!!!! :)
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Training day! [16 Jul 2005|10:46pm]
Well im leaving tomorrow for sacramento for the week and then i return on friday and then i have to leave again on sunday. busy busy busy :) i went shopping today for some extra clothes, so i got 4 new shirts at macys and then i got 2 pairs of pants at express because all the clothes i wear for training and for the job require professional attire so i needed some more dress clothes. i looked up the hotel online and it says im having a full kitchen, awesome huh well my new car is doing great, i just love it to peaches :) once i get my credit cards paid off then im going to start pimping up my car, yay baby well i wish everyone is doing well and have a great week and i will try to update again on the weekend when i return, but no guarantees, see you all soon!!!!
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I BOUGHT IT!! [12 Jul 2005|01:22pm]
I just bought a very much needed NEW CAR!! Its a 2005 Acura RSX, like a dark gray 'magnesium' color so im sooo excited!! This weekend was fun, camping was fun except for my stupid drunk boyfriend but oh well. I had a good birthday and yay for me :) Tomorrow i have to go into my new job to do some testing and then friday is my last day at MCI yay ok got stuff to do hope everyone is great!!
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moody! [07 Jul 2005|03:34pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

My mood swings are ANNOYING! Yeah ive been smoking the past 3 days because ive been moody, not good, but it will pass soon and its probably also due to the fact that i dont drink anymore either, so who knows. I went in this morning to take the drug test for my new job, not worried about it then tmw i work at mci then have to go to my new job to take care of things. I start training on the 18th for 2 weeks in sacramento so im kinda sad about being up there by myself without anyone :( but it will be a good experience and maybe the time away i need to relax and think about things. im excited about camping this weekend. it will be nice to get some time away and have the weekend off with no worries then its my birthday!! yay for me being 23!! things with jose are going good, im an annoying face but oh well what can u do? i had to come home today to pick up some stuff for camping and its the first time ive been here since sunday haha i really really want to buy rob's car but some lady might have bought it already today so im PISSED cause i was gonna go to the bank today to get a loan because i NEED a new car BADLY!! ok time to take care of things, hope all is well with everyone :)

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well... [30 Jun 2005|03:53pm]
I got the job :) yay for me, i finally get to quit MCI! So pretty much im a sales rep for transwestern publishing which does little phone books i guess u can say (kind of at least). I get to wear lovely suits and travel around and get businesses to buy their spots in the yellow pages thing. interesting huh? well hope i get to make some good money at least!!
Other than that im good. not sure what im doing the night of my birthday yet because we will be getting back from the lake that day so i just gotta wait and see i guess. me and jose are doing well. softball is fun, we havent been doing so hot but still i love it out there. I need to decided when i want to quit because i dont start training until the 18th so i got some time to kill i guess haha but i get weekends off!! woo hoo, thats what i like :)
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[29 Jun 2005|10:11am]
i have an interview today, im fucking nervous!!
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what is wrong? [25 Jun 2005|03:51pm]
I have been horribly emotional lately and i dont know why, i think its because im stressed over getting a new job that i just want to cry all the time and take it out on others (usually jose). Ive had some phone interviews and some emails etc but i REALLY want a need a new job, i hope something happens soon :) I need to calm down and relax and things will be alright.
I finally got a key to jose's house yesterday after FOREVER of me having his key and giving it back to him etc....so yeah :)
My sister is in town for the night so its family day today yay
I feel like a horrible friend.. i need to snap the fuck out of it
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I got it!! [21 Jun 2005|02:27pm]
I got the letter in the mail today that says i officialy graduated, so excited!! I had a phone interview today for a job (who knows how it went, i was real nervous) and i got an email for another job so im calling the guy for that tomorrow, time to be an adult!
I need to get the fuck over my issues, but how?
I have given up drinking..for how long..i dont know..but i have and we shall see.
Lost our softball game yesterday but will see how tonight goes.
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[19 Jun 2005|03:43pm]
Friday night i went to jose's softball game (im pretty much the designated scorekeeper yay!) and they got their asses kicked lol (i shouldnt be one to talk). then we went out to dinner and ended up going to a party at like after midnight. It was an applebees party (some of the girls who work at applebees just got a house) and i know some of them because of softball and jose knows some of them cause of friends and his softball team. So it was ok, i didnt drink anything, it was just fun to watch all the young girls be drunk. well at like 130 am the cops came and broke it up. they made everyone leave that didnt live there and there were like 7 of them standing outside the door asking when we left "how old are u (me-22) whose driving (Me-i am) have u been drinking (Me-no)" and then i ended up taking jose and 3 of his drunk ass friends back to his house for a bit to sober up before i took them back and finally got to bed around 3, fun times! haha work has been busy all weekend, crazy stuff. Jose just got cable at his house, i swear im really never going to be coming home now. alrighty hope everyone is having a good weekend!
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